Enhance Your Hair’s Natural Beauty

by Rochelle Hunter on August 26, 2022

Who doesn't want luxurious, beautiful hair? The great news is that we all have beautiful hair, and knowing how to curate a personalized hair care routine, including a list of products that compliment your hair type, and using the proper styling techniques and tools that showcase your features can make a huge difference to your appearance. Read more for tips on how to be #hairgoals.

Many of us feel as though our hair care regimen could use some improvement. Sometimes it’s not clear what’s missing, i.e, shine, body, a new style, but it’s clear it is time to switch it up. Have you ever purchased a new haircare product, felt so excited to try it, and quickly became disappointed by the results? According to Pinkvilla, there are four main factors that determine your hair type that should influence your hair care routine. They are: texture, shape, porosity and scalp type. 


  • Texture - Is your hair fine, coarse, or somewhere in between? Watch this video to find out how to determine your hair type. 
  • Shape - Grab a mirror, what do you see? Is your hair visibly straight, wavy, curly or coiled? 
  • Porosity - How well is your hair able to retain moisture? Place a strand of your hair into a bowl of water and wait. If it sinks, it has high porosity – more damaged due to gaps and tears in the cuticle. If it keeps floating on the surface, you have low porosity hair. This means moisture and products are harder to absorb. If the strand stays suspended in the middle, you have medium porosity – the ideal condition for sufficient moisture and product retention.
  • Scalp type- This one is often overlooked. Does your scalp produce excess oil, not enough or somewhere in between? 

Now that you have established the basic knowledge of your hair type, how does this play into choosing the best products? According to the Huffington Post, Shampoo and conditioner formulations today are very scalp and hair type specific. The thing to remember here is that there are frequently "trade-offs" involved in choosing shampoos and conditioners. For instance, an individual may have fine hair and need volume but volumizing shampoos do not protect hair color. The safest way to purchase a shampoo or conditioner specifically for your hair is to visit a good salon, have them analyze your hair and give you recommendations.

In addition to the basics of shampoo and conditioner, there are endless choices of products you can use to enhance your hair. Serums, pomades, mouse, leave-in conditioners, gels, protein treatments etc. are all great choices depending on your specific hair needs. Click here to browse some great products that support healthy, happy hair. In need of a salon visit? Check out our Booking page to review our services and book your next appointment!